Beef Stew (Among Other Things) in Bread

Americans tend to think they’re the only consumers who use food choices as a means for self-harm, but I’ve got news for them, there’s an international market of tired hungry people interested in fatty absurdest food creations.  May I present to you some rolls filled with stew, among other things, that I saw at a chain pastry shop in the Tokyo metropolitan area.  I am interested in getting rich quick, right now,  so I’m thinking  exporting these and selling them as a side dish to go with the Thanksgiving Turdukin, which I’ve read about in so many lifestyle sections,  might make me rich (quick). 


2 thoughts on “Beef Stew (Among Other Things) in Bread

  1. Korea is close behind Japan in its “Why not?” approach to baked goods. If you don’t have a good grasp of Korean, your bread roll with daily coffee could contain the following: sausage, overly sweetened red bean, custard, an egg, or ramen.

    • Yes, lots of the breads seem to be asking the consumer questions like “how many carbs is too many carbs?” with the noodles packed into a hot dog roll or “Is mayo a good cold soft center?” for a lot of other pastries.

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