I Found This in the Garbage


I know I really shouldn’t have, but I just wanted to try it out. And then it turned out to be a pretty awesome ride-with lots of room for groceries and a really trusting skinny hipped friend with a weak neck, if I can find one of those.  I found it on Tuesday and I ment to just have a joy ride around on it and put it back by the trash because I’ve been told before, “Not mine. No touch,”  in a pretty official way, but I couldn’t bring myself to put the beast back in the trash at night.  It doesn’t have working breaks, so I want to mount a pellet gun on the front to get people by the station to move out of the way.  But I also want to keep a low profile because really the bike is “Not mine,” so strictly speaking I should be applying the policy of “No touch.”

P.S. I have found myself feeling entitled to go out in public in loose fitting mommy pants now that I routinely ride this bike around the neighborhood.

P.P.S. I just got a ticket on this bike for not parking it in the “bikes with baby carriers” section of the bike parking garage by the station.

P.P.P.S. Someone left a small bag of garbage in the baby seat tonight.


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