A Circumnavigation

The day before winter break started was my last day teaching junior high.  I will miss Chestnut, No Eyebrows, Gorilla, Eggplant, Japanese Toilet, Potato, Sweet Potato, Panda, and Big Face. Well, maybe not Eggplant, whose nickname, from the amount of laughter that it caused when I mistakenly used it, is most likely a reference to […]

On Colored Contacts

There is a posse of recent hotel management graduates from Mumbai here at the hostel.  They mostly get drunk at night and sit really close to each other and talk loud.  That’s their thing.  They’re staying here in the hostel for a month, and that seems to be the plan.  There’s one who’s really thin, […]

You Go, Girl….

I picked up a little job reviewing hotels during my summer break in Bangkok, Kuala Lampur, and Singapore. The catch, besides the fact that I’m paying for my own flight, and hardly making money for this, is that I have to take along a secondary reviewer. So I’m taking my friend from Brisbane, and  by […]