The Sarcastic Bow

I was just at a coffee shop across from the coin laundry place.  A guy came in and sat next to me and ordered, and the waiter didn’t recognize him. The guy told the waiter he knew him and the waiter asked how, and the guy said (I think) from all over, they have friends in common, and (I’m guessing) they’ve drunk together. The waiter thought a minute and then did a long sarcastic bow, not sarcastic exactly, but longer than normal, the kind of bow reserved for sales people at the end of a big sale or for a real, sincere, sad apology. I love it.  I smile every time I see the sarcastic bow.  Middle school boys are a huge fan of it. They throw basketballs as hard as they can across a gym, then another boy passes it back to them. That’s a great time for a sarcastic bow. Your fly is unzipped.  Someone tells you. Go for it. Everyone will enjoy the sarcastic bow at a time like that.  A couple little spastic ones are funny, too, but just hold that apology bow a beat longer than necessary. Comic Gold.


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