I’ve been accepted…

to a new study.  So the Mystery wash didn’t work out as I’d hoped.  I still use it even though it has given me a small patch of dry skin under my left eyebrow.  They said I didn’t have to send it back, and I can’t say which one because I signed a confidentiality agreement, but I’m just saying it’s a very expensive brand. I just backed off from the mystery wash a bit, and I’m working in a cheaper brand (that doesn’t give me patches of dry skin) for washings about every other day. See I’m trying not to just sell my soul and my skin to these corporations, I’m trying to take home lessons and things (after I sell my soul and my skin.) From that partially completed mystery wash study, the number of face washings I perform weekly is up.  In the fall, I was accepted to one study I wish I had been able to go to.  It was a study of life jackets for heavy weight women. I’m pretty much a super heavy weight woman in Japan, so I thought I was a pretty desirable subject for this study, but I had some kind of work conflict and couldn’t go. Which is too bad because I was oddly very flattered to pass the initial screening.  The job entailed a couple of hours worth of floating in a pool while wearing a life preserver with other larger foreign ladies who, (I’m guessing) had a naturally high tolerance for degradation and/or were just broke. If  I had gone, I would have made 20,000 yen plus train fare.  Anyway I don’t want regret to take the place of dreams, I just got that wording from my friend the Internet, but seriously time moves on and I’m marching forward (toward a new study!).  Today I heard, about applied for, and got a job offer to be a sight-seeing researcher in Urayasu, Chiba! This one day job doesn’t pay well, but they’re looking forward to working with me, and I’m going to get a free boxed lunch plus train fare! Now, I do not know where Urayasu, Chiba is, so I Googled it, and I am sorry to say they do have a bit of a Google problem. Although it’s the home of Disneyland, the earthquake opened up a lot of sink holes in the area and mostly the pictures on Google are of sink holes in the city.  If I scroll down really far, I see two pictures that look like fun though, one is of a gargantuan guinea pig and the other is of a double chocolate Mcflury.  I’d like to see those things in person. The research project is on foreigners’ sightseeing, and I’ve been told we are going to use smart phones and  ”Sightseeing information Application Soft” (possibly to see if there are enough internet hot spots in the city?). Rain or shine I’ll be in Urayasu, Chiba on Tuesday!


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