Highlights of Roppongi Art Night

The police stopped me for not having a light on the pygmy bike last night, but I couldn’t fake not understanding them. It ended up looking like I was faking being mute,  I just shook my head to all their questions, rather than replying out loud. I guess they had sympathy for the mute girl though, and they just told me be careful and I shook my head okay.

There was a mime. On the main stage, and when he was finished somehow someone introduced his family to me.  There might have been some confusion about who I was. I said he was great and his brother said thank you and the person who introduced us said the performer had studied being a mime for two years in The Check Republic.

A hot spring resort tanked in hot water in the kind of truck that usually transports oil or gas.  They made a foot bath and we used wet ones to wipe off sock fuzz from our feet and then we put them in the hot water for a few minutes.  That foot bath must have had a high carbon footprint.

Oh, and there were squids on sticks being sold. When I see a cute fully made up girl eating a large purple squid covered in mayo, using her tongue to wrangle in all the tenticles, from her cheek, I can’t help but think of the bar scene in star wars.

And of course Jappy came:  


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