Steel Phallus Festival

I went to the festival of the steel phallus (Kanamara Matsuri) near Kawasaki on Sunday.  There were a lot of boiled sugar phallus candy suckers there.    One of them was neon green, how fitting for Japan in 2012, but most of the suckers were white with pink heads, I guess more tasteful?  But all the suckers were erect looking and depending on the artistic skill and knowledge of the candy maker, they had different levels of detail.

So at first things started at the Shinto shrine, where the crowd raised up a big pink steel phallus, and then carried it around the neighborhood while men, women, and children, kept themselves busy and happy by sucking on sweet, hard, cock. So the parade kind of moved to the Buddhist temple where there were snacks and drinks, and more candy cock for sale.  The weather was great.  The cherry blossoms are just starting to come out. I sat on a picnic bench listening to people happily talking about cock for a long time. Then I went into the public bathroom in the temple where I saw this:

I was standing by the sink washing my hands when a woman came in with a child of about three.  She bent over a sink. She got this penis candy wet,  cupped her hand around the shaft, and began to stroke it up and down under the stream of the water.  The little girl had apparently dropped it in the park. The woman said in a kind of baby voice. “It’s dirty!” Her hand made it up over the head and she slid her hand back down the shaft again.  She touched under the ridge of the head with her thumb more delicately. “Dirty,” she admonished.  The little girl watched with her mouth open. She had pig tails.  Wrist down, wrist up, the woman pumped it. “Is that good?” She asked, but kept moving harder up and down the cock under the water, “Is it good?”she was still thoroughly pumping it. It was one of the larger more realistic looking pink suckers.  “Is it okay?” she asked, and the little girl nodded, her eyes big. The woman crouched down and offered the little girl the penis candy, and she took it in her mouth and with both hands.

I think you call this a vignette. Or smut.  A smutty vignette.


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