On Colored Contacts

There is a posse of recent hotel management graduates from Mumbai here at the hostel.  They mostly get drunk at night and sit really close to each other and talk loud.  That’s their thing.  They’re staying here in the hostel for a month, and that seems to be the plan.  There’s one who’s really thin, quiet and blank looking, but he has colored contacts, and they seem to have  shrunken his cornea into  beedy little black things.  We’ve talked about it over some whiskey, coke, and soda water (Indian style I’m assured)  and he disagrees that they’ve shrunken his cornea in any way.  Then I tried to look to the color to explain to him why he looks evil.  It’s kind of a translucent green overlaying dark brown.  That’s a dirty looking color. Then because of all the wisky coke and soda waters and guys in his hostell room loud talking all night with the light on, his eyes are blood shot.  He looks like a villan.

In Japan I think a lot of questionable things go on in the name of looking sexually atractive, and in the last six months, cornea enlarging contacts are all the rage.  I’ve spent a lot of time on trains across from vacant doe eyed looking woman-girls, who are probably thinking about all sorts or irritating cornea shrinking things, like the price of rent, rules at their jobs, train schedules, but outwardly they look like they have a child’s facial proportions and naivete and I guess that’s cute?

When I taught college in Tokyo, on the final day, the only two girls in the class who were passing showed up late with food, but did take out their cornea and pupil enlarging colored contacts.  Respect. That does mean maybe they were having trouble reading all term, though.

So I’m thinking this guy from Mumbai would look a lot more chill and less like he might kill you in your sleep if he just wore Japanese ladies’ contacts.

I am trying  to finish up my hotell reviews and have fewer ideas for personal improvement of hostell guests, but this one is a winner.  He’s not going to understand me, but I’m going to propose he import some cute contacts over our next Indian Whisky coke soda water.





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