More Sports Day Practice

Today out on the field in the sun they brought out ropes, and they chain ganged themselves together in boys’ and girls’ chain gangs.  They were supposed to be practicing running in their chain gangs, but one of the boys’ chain gangs hiked up the rope around their upper thighs like they were all held together by garters and spent the afternoon intentionally falling down in a big homo erotic dog pile.  The teachers were screaming, because there’s less than ten days to get the choreography right.

I was correcting 200 spelling tests in the hallway overlooking the dirt field and over the boy’s happy screams as they fell into their homoerotic dog piles, and the girls chanting of one two one two to keep their chain gangs running in unison, I could hear some of the teachers screaming, “What are you doing?” Indeed.

At one point I looked up from my spelling tests to see one of the boys in the back of the chain gang had fallen and his chain gang was still running forward, just pulling him along in the dirt.


Photo curtosey of JoshBerglund19

I know that sports days are commonly set to music.  I’m hoping for the Indiana Jones theme song or Star Wars.




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