Dog Hair Arrange

I guess this is copyrite infringement, so my apologies to Dog Hair Arrange magazine, but on a rare trip out lately I went to the co-op, and I happened to pick up the latest copy of Dog Hair Arrange, one of the best and most up-to-date dog hair arrangement magazines on the market, in my opinion.  I looked around and there was no clerk to bust me, so I took a few pictures to share with you dear reader (s). A friend I shared these with was wondering if some of these hair styles don’t constitute an act of cruelty to animals, but I contend that it’s only cruel to do this to a dog’s hair if the inflicted style does not match their personality at all. Some of these dogs look like completely high maintenance bitches even in their before pictures, so I think they totally pull off these looks.


Also, give me two days and a dictionary, Dog Hair Arrange magazine, and we’ve got ourselves one of those English language gift picture books they sell at Urban Outfitters. Dibs on that idea. Also, the little grey one looks like he/she has a masters degree in library science.  If I did his or her hair like this I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from purchasing name brand horn rimmed glasses for him or her. Also, cheers to the dog who can wear a side pony with confidence.  I guess the ’80’s are back even in Japanese dog hair arrangement.


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