Toothy/dirty Jazz-hands

I signed up with a few agencies once I came back down to Tokyo.  I rode the guy who I’m illegaly subletting from’s bike to one appointment.  The woman signing me up asked me if I wanted to use a stage name.  And she paused which made me think she thought it might be a good idea.  That was really flattering. Are they going to call on me for a performance which will actually require a persona?   So far the two highlights  of the extra career are I did a pretty solid walk in the background of a movie, and on the same day I ate all of the boxed lunch the film company provided, even the little pickled things that a lot of the other extras threw out.  Do I need a stage name for that? Should I give myself a stage name for that?

So while she took full body photos of me, I was still thinking, does a person who once broke her nose playing racket ball in college and then didn’t even bother to seek medical attention outside of the work-study p.e. students in the gym, the ones who treat broken noses with a bag of ice and a handful of free condoms, deserve a stage name?  And what would that stage name be.  I tried to keep my chin down. I put one hand on my hip. I wished there wasn’t something splattered on the bottom of my vest.

But then the agent said, “Can you open your mouth to show all your teeth and put your hands up by your face?” so I did that, I did a big toothy jazz-hands, but I said, “wait a minute, my hands are all dirty from my bike handle bars,” and she said, “That’s okay.” Then she took a close up of my teeth and dirty hands. Maybe dirty will be part of my stage persona.


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