U.! S.! A.!

English: Fireworks display

English: Fireworks display (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m back in the You Es of Aeyyyy! And this weekend is so damn Americaney.  Sometimes I have little shocks about how not like Japan things are i.e. I reached into my mom’s purse to get a pen when I got back, and there was just a whole raw apple in there. You don’t come across that in Japan.  Or the food thing, like how everyone’s just got a piece of food with them while they’re on the way somewhere; Oh, look my mom’s got a waffle in her hand on the way out the door to do yard work.  You don’t see that in Japan.

But now this weekend is just in your face over the top America.  On Fourth of July  my nieces and nephew put on a fireworks display. No one bothered wearing shoes. At the only point in the day I saw one wearing shoes, they were tap shoes that she had put on for an impromptu performance. And she’s never taken a single lesson. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! At the 4th of July bbq there was a conversation about the difference between homeschooling and unschooling. Wow, is that not a Japanese conversation.

Then last night I went out with some friends to a bar with an outdoor fire pit where you can bring dogs. There was a live band playing Patsy Kline songs. One friend showed up with even more Star Wars related tattoos than the last time I saw him, still completely broke and unfazed by it. Another friend said the other weekend she drunk texted herself “you should have been an actress.” Her friend said his mom reminded him of B.F. Skinner’s wire monkey. She’s a social worker and he’s unemployed.  Another friend of my friends said she owned a 7-11 because her ex-husband worked there and then they bought it together.  He’s Moroccan so she then taught us some dirty arabic swear words. She said at the 7-11 when people ask, “Wanna hear a joke?” when they’re checking out, she’s come to say no.

Then she said one time a guy came in and got in a fight with the checker.  Then he stood outside the glass exterior just a couple feet away from the checker double pumping his middle fingers and dancing for a while. Then a couple days later he came in to interview for a checking job at the 7-11.  They interviewed him, and then asked him about the standing outside and double-pumping his middle fingers while dancing incident and he said it was not him. He said it was not him again, but then he cracked and said okay, it was him, but he was really drunk.  I guess he didn’t get the job.  Still, U.S.A! U.! S.! A.! It’s good to be back.

I bought a huge plate of nachos on my credit card.


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