After a six year hiatus, the blog is back…

And after six years I’d like to say this: I have been listening to this podcast called Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend the last couple days and passing something called a “Buddy Bench” at the park sometimes. It’s apparently a bench you go to when you are on recess and you have no one to play with, and you need a pal. So the idea is: maybe I should make a podcast called, “Wanna Sit On Emily’s Buddy Bench?” Or something catchy like that, or just “Buddy Bench,” and then I could ask people, “Wanna come on ‘Buddy Bench’?” and then I’d talk to people on “The Buddy Bench,” maybe we’d call it “The Buddy Bench,” because grammar, and then I’d edit out the boring parts, for you, my faithful audience.


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