A Theme

I heard there was a place on word-press where you could see the search terms that had led readers to your sight. So people say this might help you with a theme for your blog.  I’m lacking a theme and life direction in general, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to take a look at it.  I was wrong.

Most of the terms were the kind of thing you would expect would lead a person to my first person blog: “Urayasu radiation hot spots,” “phallius festava.women,” “franc franc lamp,” “how to say I will never do it again in sign language,” “where to buy silica packets adelaide,” “heavy weight women,” “putting a phone in grits,” “sharp shooting pain at heart when laugh,” “I’m sorry I was wrong 70’s,” “baby slumps,” “what kind of face wash is $300,” “human users,” “lamp franc franc.”

But then I came to “emily maloney hiv positive.” What? Good Morning! Does the Internet know something I don’t.  Sorry other emily maloneys, but I’m hoping it’s your old neurotic boyfriend who can’t sleep and suddenly wonders if you haven’t given him aids and not mine. That’s the only possibility I could think of. You can do better than him other emily maloneys. He’s crazy.

So that did not help me with a theme as much as I was hoping.



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