Takin’ Care of Puppies

At first junior high students remind me of a group of puppies.  Each time I go into a new class room I’m just like oh, I’m just like look at this one’s funky curved ears, oh a few of them have itchy necks, this female one has an infected eye fold, that male one has really long nails, those nails could be cut.

I try to remember their real names, but I would prefer to call them “Falcore” or “mon-chi-chi,” or name them after school lunch foods I’ve seen them do things with. “Cabbage Soup.”

But then they kind of become like your puppies.  I’m like I like how shiny this one’s eyes are. It’s cute how this one is always stepping on that one’s feet and biting him.  Wow, this one’s so hungry today.  I wonder why.

After lunch today, we played soccer, and it turns out these puppies are pretty funny.  They can remember my last name because Maloney is also a canned Italian pasta brand in Japan, but today, they were also using Maloney like it was a swear word.  Whenever someone took a shot on goal and made it, the goalie would scream “Maloney!” When they missed a shot they’d yell “Maloney!” When they fell over they’d yell “Maloney!” Funny Puppies.


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