A Hand Made Shiv

A teacher at school confiscated a shiv from some second year boys.  I really want it.  You just don’t see craftsmanship like that anymore.  It’s wooden and all hand made, and when you consider the level of education and abilities of the craftsmen, the concentration on detail is outstanding.  They made it with xacto knifes, with the highest quality wood they could get their hands on, and because they’re self taught crafters, their technique is really unique. When she asked me if I had seen the shiv, I didn’t say seen it?  It’s been like having artists in residence in the back of that English class, although that’s what I wanted to say. Apparently she’s not giving it back to them, it’s just been sitting on her desk on display, making me think what a great gift it would be. Maybe if I can get my hands on it I can put it up on Etsy for them. If it wasn’t against child labor laws, I think I could start a whole on-line store of confiscated hand made crafts.


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