A Big Pudding

The thing about junior high is that they’re the same ages, but they’re totally different sizes and at different stages of development.  It’s rainy season and everyone’s sweaty, but lots of the boys walk around with their arms around each other’s necks and shoulders.  Some of them look mismatched like a bull mastiff in love with a toy poodle.

It’s Tanabata, so the kid/puppies get to write a dream down on paper and tie it up on paper and attach it to some bamboo.  I hardly had a chance to look at their dreams, but when I did, here were some of them, keep in mind they can wish for anything:

“I want to run fast.”

“I want a big pudding.”

“I want to be an office worker.”

“I want thirty thousand yen .” About $300

“I don’t want to be a papa.”


See, totally different stages of development.


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