With a Body Like That…

A spectacular sunset in Bangkok, showing the s...

A spectacular sunset in Bangkok, showing the skytrain and modern skyline down Thanon Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra, taken from the corner of Thanon Silom, with the Empire Tower and the Chong Nonsi BTS Station at the left side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made it to Bangkok.

So I got up early and went out to review a hotel.  A room wasn’t ready to look at, so I went up to the rooftop pool to wait.

It was beautiful.

An Australian guy came to look at the pool and the view with his arm around a Thai woman.

He told me she didn’t know how to swim.  He pretended this was outrageous.  And he wanted me to agree it was outrageous, so I did.  He introduced himself and her and he told me to tell her she could learn how to swim.  I told her she could totally learn how to swim in that pool.  He said, “And with a body like this she absolutely has to wear a bikini. Tell her that with a body like that she has to wear a bikini.” And somehow I found myself saying, “With a body like that, you have to wear a bikini.”

Good Morning, Bangkok. Long time no see Bankok.  Same, same, but different.


2 thoughts on “With a Body Like That…

    • My secondary reviewer has just gone to Cambodia this morning, with vague plans to meet up again, but not to continue with this work, ever. When she decided to quit, I told her, “I was kind of counting on that money,” about the sad sum we would have made for Malaysia and Singapore, and she said, “Yes, so was I.” Then we sat in silence for a while.

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