A Sorry’boutthat

TOBU, funabashi, chiba プラウドタワー船橋・船橋・千葉

TOBU, funabashi, chiba プラウドタワー船橋・船橋・千葉 (Photo credit: pictureTYO)

The way I see it I owe four students apologies.  First, I’d like to say a, “sorry’boutthat” to the student who saw me at an electronics store in Nagano last year when I happened to be trying out a full body reclining massage chair by myself. With my shoes off.  There was no need to pat the chair next to me and tell you to come over. You are right to have hid from me.  You are a junior high student and I have no boundaries, and yes I specifically went to that store to sit in the massage chair, and had no intention or ability to buy it.

My next “sorry’boutthat” goes to the girls who ran into me when I had just gotten back from S.E. Asia last week and I had no where to stay, so I was just wandering around with my backpack looking at and contemplating staying at a love hotel by myself near school on the night before school started.  Did you guys know what I was up to? I did not look or smell good when I ran into you, but you didn’t seem embarrassed, and you were the ones who were using one of your few days off to eat at Mcdonald’s. But really if you knew what I was doing  or what I was thinking about doing in that alley way in Funabashi, I want to give you guys a “sorry’boutthat” from the bottom of my heart.  After I left you guys I tried to think about how I would feel if I had seen one of my junior high teachers sweating through her T-shirt while looking at love hotels alone on the last day of vacation, and I felt ill.


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