Theguy Livbybath and My Missing Coctail Dress

I’m missing a pile of laundry that I left on top of the dryer for two days. I asked around, but no one has seen the pile of stretched out clothing bought in the late ’90’s.  Problem is there are twenty rooms in the share house.  And ’90’s fashion is totally coming back in. Another problem is I need the dress for some extra work (which is a whole nother blog entry). I’ll just say I’m  pretty much very important in this movie and I’m wondering if the twenty people in this house ever heard of continuity? I need that “cocktail” dress bad. It’s why I sprang for using the dryer rather than line drying it like normal.

I’m not a white board note writer, so what’s next, door to door clothing taking accusations?

I don’t really think anyone wants the size 10,12,14 highly used American women’s’ clothing.  No one’s that big, and It’s a pretty safe house.  We don’t lock the door.

Although, a couple of weekends before I moved in a member of the Yakuza showed up at the guy who lives by the bathroom’s room.  I guess Theguy Livbybath (as I’ll call him) slept with a woman when he was drunk, as the story was told to me, a bad woman, and the woman said she was pregnant, so she told the Yakuza guy to shake Theguy Livbybath down for money. And the Yakuza guy came at one or two in the morning and Theguy Livbybath refused to give him money.  Apparently this was was all very loud, so someone called the house manager, a guy who doesn’t live here, but just drops in to do sub-par cleaning and write nasty notes about washing pots the pots in the sink on the white board, and that guy called the police, and the Yakuza guy was arrested.

My questions are really, Yakuza or was it her pimp? And another question is why write the nasty notes about the kitchen, but then not even touch on the condition of the shower?  And finally,  did the  house manager take my clothing off the dryer to teach me a lesson about leaving clothing on top of the dryer?  I hope so, because I don’t want to go door knocking on Theguy LIvbybath’s room. It seems hard to get a straight answer or much else out of him.


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