*Still photo shoot for a prop in the drama

I signed up with an agency a while ago to do voice work.  They asked me if I wanted to do extra work, and I checked the box yes, and then they took my measurements. And then I invited the guy who measured my inseam to a party.

I’ve never gotten any voice work from them, but occasionally they send my photo on to casting people where it’s rejected.  It’s usually to be a nurse. This week I was rejected for  “*Still photo shoot for a prop in the drama” which I thought was an all time low, but then I kept reading and the location was “In a hospital?” so maybe it was just a normal rejection for playing a nurse.  I have size ten and a half feet which they might be, should be, afraid of.

Another photo rejection this week was for playing a journalist.  And I even told Kazu, the guy from the agency that I would bring my own shoes.  Actually he told me I would have to bring my own shoes and laptop computer and DSL camera. So maybe it was just a low budget drama that needed foreigners to provide the props.

It was called “Made in Japan” and from the look at the e-mail I got, it looks like it could only be made in Japan:

* NHK Drama “Made in Japan“:


There’s a consumer electronics company which seems to be bankrupt (like the current situation as Sharp). Some employees make a strict confidential team for making strategies for trying to avoid bankrupting.”

I wanted to get the job, so I could eat at craft services in my size ten shoes, and suggest they should add more sex to “Made in Japan” and get rid of scenes of men carrying out office team-work which were sure make up the climax, but I was rejected.  I guess I don’t look like a journalist?


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