Because I’m Not Very Attractive

Yesterday I went to some agencies to sign up to be an extra because it’s probably the only way I can get anyone to touch my inseam.  I went to one place and a big polite rugby player from New Zealand came in after me.  We filled out forms, and when I got to the questions, “Will you pose in underwear?” “Will you pose nude?” I checked “Yes,” and I told the guy from New Zealand he should do the same.  He wasn’t very sure, but he marked “Yes.” Then they took our photos.  I haven’t washed my hair since I came down from Niseko. They took my photos. I tried to keep my chin down.  It was the least I could do as I hadn’t put a lot of effort into cleanliness before I showed up.  Then I sat down and the guy from New Zealand got up. The agent asked him to take his shirt off and he felt shy, so he took it off, but then he looked around and I was not averting my eyes to make him more comfortable or making it any easier for him to “tense” without laughing so he said, “Hey, she didn’t have to take her shirt off.” I said, “That’s because I’m not very attractive,” and the agent nodded in agreement.


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