How to become big in Japan


Big in Japan
Japan TV is obsessed with TV reenactments.  A lot of them are Japanese historical pieces but quite a few are foreign historical dramas.  Since Japan is almost exclusively of Japanese stock there is always a demand for  foreign extras and characters to play the these parts.

Now you’re probably thinking “I don’t know how to do a blue steel look!”.  Well it doesn’t matter what you look like! The people that get the most work are over 50 because most people in the industry are 20 something and everyone over 50 in Japan is a banker or something. They want all sizes, it doesn’t matter what you look like.

It can be an interesting job but while gigs pay well, you’re not going to make lots of money off it.  Two main obstacles block the money train:

A)  Japanese talent agencies; Japanese agencies have a stranglehold on the entertainment industry…

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