How to become big in Japan

Originally posted on Gaijinass:
Japan TV is obsessed with TV reenactments.  A lot of them are Japanese historical pieces but quite a few are foreign historical dramas.  Since Japan is almost exclusively of Japanese stock there is always a demand for  foreign extras and characters to play the these parts. Now you’re probably thinking “I…


See Yourself Changed Drastically

I’m moving out of my dorm, because it’s nearing the end of the snowboarding season, and the restaurant finally closed (thank you gods) but I’m not sure where I’m moving to next, yet.  Because of that, I’ve been trying not to stop packing to read things, but sometimes you can’t help it, a lot of […]


I went to a little yakitori restaurant in Hirafu for the first time that’s closing for the season, and I met some Russian  guys who had recently come down from Sakhalin island on a chartered flight.  They were working in oiln’gas, and a little bit defensive about my questions about the Russian male life expectancy. […]

You Are Stupid

Things are a little tense as everyone tries to scramble for a new seasonal job at the end of this season. Living in the same room and working with the same people is cramped, difficult.  The other day my roommate was sitting down on a beer keg and smoking behind the counter at work.  She’s […]

Niseko: An Australian Frontier Town

I read an article once about an age sensitivity training where a company simulated old age for workers who needed to deal with the elderly with patience.  They simulated the physical symptoms of old age for young people by smearing Vaseline on their glasses so the attendees of the conference felt like they had cataracts, […]

A Circumnavigation

The day before winter break started was my last day teaching junior high.  I will miss Chestnut, No Eyebrows, Gorilla, Eggplant, Japanese Toilet, Potato, Sweet Potato, Panda, and Big Face. Well, maybe not Eggplant, whose nickname, from the amount of laughter that it caused when I mistakenly used it, is most likely a reference to […]