I saw this guy in the crosswalk in Hiroo walk right into a cab that was stopped in the middle of the crosswalk.  The man was blind and he was mad.  I haven’t see that very often.  I guess you’re so vulnerable  when you’re blind and reliant on the assistance of others, you have to […]

Inhailing Starbuck’s

I just came back from Starbucks.  The lady asked me if I wanted a bag and I said, bag? I don’t need a cup.  I don’t need water. And then I said sometimes I think, and then I gestured like I was opening the packet of dehydrated coffer, pouring out a line of it, and […]

The Half-Stache

Over my upper lip there’s a super tiny streak of pencil thin freckles.  It’s new and virtually invisible to the disinterested, but it does resemble  a pencil mustache, on my face, not something a lady usually welcomes.  This year with the sun, I’ve only needed to welcome half of it because the freckles have only […]

Getting Rich Quick

I took a job at a junior high last week.  I guess I just can’t resist the sweet cheesy clam smell of pubescent teens in the summer. Also I’m completely broke. Out of money. Damn. Why me? It turns out it’s hard to make your first million from signing up for medical studies off of […]

A Theme

I heard there was a place on word-press where you could see the search terms that had led readers to your sight. So people say this might help you with a theme for your blog.  I’m lacking a theme and life direction in general, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to take a look at […]

Corn Grits

Yesterday the neighbor did something in their apartment and something fell in my apartment.  I thought it was funny at first ala Arested Development. Then I turned around and looked at what fell.  It was a hairbrush and my i-phone.  Into the toilet.  Damn. That’s not funny. Full disclosure: This is not the first time […]