Steel Phallus Festival

I went to the festival of the steel phallus (Kanamara Matsuri) near Kawasaki on Sunday.  There were a lot of boiled sugar phallus candy suckers there.    One of them was neon green, how fitting for Japan in 2012, but most of the suckers were white with pink heads, I guess more tasteful?  But all […]


Tonight is Roppongi Art Night.  There is defiantly going to be a character there called “Jappy.” I guess Japan + Happy = Jappy (in some circles). I’m not sure that’s what “Jappy” means in some other circles, though.  He’s yellow and has big feet. He looks kind of vacant, but yes big-eyed and happy.  Okay, […]

The Sarcastic Bow

I was just at a coffee shop across from the coin laundry place.  A guy came in and sat next to me and ordered, and the waiter didn’t recognize him. The guy told the waiter he knew him and the waiter asked how, and the guy said (I think) from all over, they have friends […]

Yarrrr….call me Capt’n

I moved to a little apartment in Ebisu at the beginning of January. It’s small.  Small like a boat. If I ever have anyone over, I’m going to make them call me Captain. This friend who has some how ended up in this boat sized apartment will be  all, “This is cool, Captain, I can […]